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The SCS Process

The ArgoMetrix Seller Concierge Service follows a process that employs best practices to start a data driven operation. The following provides the principles of our proprietary methodology:

Phase 1: Analyze and Strategize - What to Sell on Amazon?

Process 1

Points of Reference:
Is your product data organized well to use it for Amazon Listings?
What are your high profit and high yield items?
What is the competitive trend of your high value items?

What people typically do:
Rely on guesswork or approximation, list items and hope to do well

What people don’t do:
Rely on historical performance data to pick winners and sell profitably

Key Point:
Focus on data instead of software or systems, and plan for profitable large volume sales on your high value items

Phase 2: Jump Start Amazon Sales While Building for Scale

Process 2

Points of Reference:
Is there consistency in the methodology you employ?
Are you relying on people OR systems and processes?
Have you planned to write your Playbook and set up Key Performance Indicators?

What people typically do:
Rely on employees to do what it takes and expect them to figure out how to do it

What people don’t do:
Create processes, use systems and establish best practices for consistency

Key Point:
Focus on building processes and establishing best practices for sustainable revenue growth

Phase 3: Plan for Ramp up

Process 3

Points of Reference:
Have you analyzed item/quantity sales performance?
What was the revenue spread across your items and Average Order Value (AOV)?
What profitability levels were achieved at different price points?

What people typically do:
Rely on baseless projections and expect to increase Amazon sales and profits

What people don’t do:
Create a model based on historical performance date and plan to achieve visibility into the future

Key Point:
Focus on understanding your past performance and plan to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) Goals for Sales, Profitability and Liquidity

Our Amazon FBA success stories will show you how customers have driven sales, growth and profitability using the Seller Concierge Service.


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