In today’s episode, our guest is Ashlee Earl. She is the E-Commerce Manager at Plugable Technologies. She’s done it all when it comes to e-com including buying 5000 pens at her local grocery store and flipping them online. In today’s episode, she discusses how to Utilize Amazon Attribution to increase traffic and sales.


  • You can drive traffic to your product through Amazon attribution.
  • External traffic is favored for new product launches.
  • You can use tags that Amazon produces for you to create your ads from external traffic.
  • Make sure you have a link from any external influencer used.
  • Have an individual attribution ink for each influencer, to track each influencer’s engagements with customers.
  • Amazon increases your rank if you run external traffic campaigns.
  • Google ads is important because you can get specific on a new product to get that traffic to Amazon for higher conversions.
  • The best strategy to rank new product launches is to send Amazon lots of different traffic sources, like Amazon ads, and send Amazon 5 or more different external traffic sources.

Quote of the Show:

Amazon Attribution is so useful because of the trackability and the understanding it gives you and also sending Amazon the positive indicators to give your listing more rank.



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