The guest on today’s episode is Jamie Davidson. He is an Amazon coach and a co-founder of AMZ Insiders. They sell $100,000,000 per year online through FBA Private Label. He is also a West Point graduate and a former Army Officer and was the CEO of a private equity-backed company until 2013. Jamie now invests a lot of effort into helping new and upcoming entrepreneurs hit 6 and 7 figures on Amazon through his AMZ Insiders Course. In today’s episode, he discusses using AI in your Amazon operation.

  • AI can be leveraged for translating keywords and product listings into different languages, allowing sellers to tap into international markets. Many sellers tend to neglect non-English markets, making it an opportunity for those who utilize AI translation tools.
  • The quality of the output depends on how well the seller crafts the prompt or question to the AI tool.
  • There are other tools available besides chat GPT that can be used in conjunction with it to avoid detection and enhance the generated content.
  • While chat GPT excels at grammatical accuracy, it may lack nuanced knowledge and specific insights that you and your team possess. Adding your own insights and expertise to the generated content is crucial.
  • While Chat GPT can provide insights, combining its capabilities with existing tools like Helium 10 or other tools can enhance the research process. These tools often have APIs that can provide Amazon-specific data, which can be valuable for sellers.
  • Use AI to handle objections, answer questions, and provide support and service. The AI can be trained to handle sales-related tasks and provide valuable information to potential customers.
  • Take advantage of AI opportunities and execute them quickly to stay ahead in the market.

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We always tell it that it is an expert at whatever we are doing and then tell it what we want to do. So, we put it in the state of mind that we will get a response at high standards.

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