Unlock the Secrets to Turning Amazon Shopping Experience Into Lifetime Relationships with Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens. Join us as these Amazon legends share their expertise in re-engaging with customers, leveraging email marketing, and creating irresistible offers. Discover how to build a post-purchase relationship that leads to massive growth in the Amazon marketplace. Get ready to learn actionable strategies from the masters themselves. Tune in now and transform your business with Post Purchase PRO!

  • Instead of spamming customers or soliciting reviews, communicate with them after their first purchase, offering irresistible deals that align with their previous purchase, aiming to provide value
  • Provide irresistible offers: Create “Mafia offers” that customers cannot refuse. Offer something of high value. Partner with other businesses to fulfill the offer and gain new customers.
  • Focus on the customer: Understand the problem the customer wants to solve with the purchased product. Find ways to enhance their life associated with the product. Think like a customer and come up with ideas to make their experience better.
  • Focus on problem-oriented demographics when building your product listing and target a specific audience rather than trying to appeal to a wide range of demographics.
  • Use tools like the store analyzer on postpurchasepro.com to analyze and optimize Amazon listings for additional revenue and list building.

Quote of the Show:

When you open a product from Amazon, and when you open it, an actual offer pops out and says, ‘Hey, look at me.’ This tells you how to engage with my brand to receive something of such tremendous value that you will literally stop what you’re doing right now. That’s what Amazon loves: World-Class Customer support.

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  • Website: www.PostPurchasePRO.com
  • Facebook: @postpurchasepro @sethdstevens @shawnhart317
  • Instagram: @postpurchasepro @meetshawnhart @sethdstevens
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Go to PostPurchasePRO.com for a free Amazon listing analyzer tool. Plug in your Amazon listings URL for a custom report on the revenue you’re likely missing out on by not building a customer list and follow up with your customers via email and SMS.

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