There is a lot of murky water around how Amazon works and how to optimize your ad spend. Today’s guest went from building control panels for aircraft selling on Amazon and eventually became a master of PPC. Bernard Nader is the Co-Founder of PPC Maestro and an incredible Amazon expert. Bernard shares how to approach launching a new product on Amazon, making the most of Amazon PPC ad spend, and what you need to do before hiring help to grow your brand.




  • Before thinking about advertising, sellers need to know which of their products and listings are actually profitable and the right ones to spend their ad budget on. 
  • As you start selling on Amazon, you need to have a thorough audit of your listing and everything that is a part of it, from photography and headline to bullets and keywords. You need to do a lot of research before getting to the launch phase.
  • If you’re selling in a very competitive space, you need to be very specific with your keywords in order to connect with a certain niche. When you target longtail keywords and really drill down the will be less competition and therefore a cheaper PPC cost.
  • When you launch a new product on Amazon, there is a honeymoon period of around 3 weeks after your listing is launched that it will get favorable rankings from the algorithm. It’s key to make the most of this period by advertising aggressively during it. 
  • Increasing your conversion rate will signal to the Amazon algorithm that it should rank your listing higher in the search results which will then increase your click-through rate.
  • In the launch of your product into a competitive market, you should set aside about $1,500 per day for ad spend. This will ensure that you are getting your product out there and capitalizing on the honeymoon period while you can. 
  • Besides driving sales, the main goal of using PPC ads is the data that they provide you. You can use this data to inform future campaigns, changes to make to the listing, and even other product launches.


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  • “If it’s converting well, then the algorithm is going to give you more love” – Bernard Nader





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