The guest on today’s episode is Brian Johnson. He has served as a leader in online advertising and conversion rate strategy for nearly two decades. A trusted partner to tens of thousands of brands across the globe, Brian’s work has earned him a reputation as a disruptive force in a world brimming with new and interesting challenges.

Through his advertising agency, CANOPY Management, as well as his highly successful Amazon advertising consultancy, community, training and software – Brian has helped over 20,000 brands grow $1B in Amazon Sales using his exclusive Seed-to-Forest system – which leverages the latest advertising practices and strategies. The results his products and services deliver continue to put him in high demand with companies both large and small around the world. In today’s episode, he discusses standing out and capturing attention with your listing.

  • Processes are essential, and having processes in place can help businesses grow on Amazon.
  • Differentiate your product by offering something special that hooks the attention of shoppers and compels them to choose your product over others.
  • Reward shoppers by providing them with answers to the benefits of your product. This will convince them that your product is the one they were hoping to find when they first saw it.
  • Amazon has a concept called “share,” which determines how much of the total search you can capture. There are factors that contribute to your share of visibility, including relevance to the search term and optimized product listing.
  • Amazon’s ad auction focuses primarily on relevance and looks to match the content of the product listing with what the shopper is searching for.
  • Organic and paid search results are interconnected, and your bid for paid advertising is just one factor that determines where your ad appears in search results.
  • Use specific keywords and target audience information in your listings to increase click-through and conversion rates. Avoid lazy mistakes such as keyword stuffing and not catering to your target audience.

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The visibility of your listing will get your product seen in the first  place. From there, we will be able to lure the shopper into your product detail page.

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