The guest on today’s episode is Phillip D’Orazio. He is the CEO/President of PDMG, an exceptional full-service Amazon agency specializing in assisting manufacturers and brands in establishing and thriving on the Amazon platform. With their expertise in end-to-end Amazon store management, PDMG has successfully facilitated over 500 Amazon engagements and catered to the needs of more than 200 full-serviced managed clients over a span of six years. Phillip D’Orazio’s leadership and PDMG’s extensive experience make them a trusted and reliable partner for anyone seeking to optimize their presence and sales on Amazon. In today’s episode, he discusses the roadmap to growing sales on Amazon.

  • Inventory management is the foundation of success for an Amazon seller, and not staying in stock can have significant ramifications.
  • Forecasting is critical for an Amazon seller, and it’s not enough to do it once a year. They need to stay on top of inventory levels regularly.
  • Video content is important for a brand, as it can be used in advertisements, on the brand store, and on the detail page. Brand stories are also important, as they give the consumer a great idea about the brand and can up the average order value.
  • AI can be used directionally and as a starting point, but it needs to be manipulated and tailored to the customer.
  • The baseline TACoS guidance now is 12 and a half percent for anything that does not repeat purchase or repeat purchases products, supplements, or anything that you’re going to buy on a monthly basis the guidance now is between 13 and 16 and a half percent.
  • On Amazon customers buy on price, reviews, and functionality.

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We try to stay in stock for 60 days at all times, especially for the top sellers. We do not cut it close and we constantly send it replenishments to avoid the unforeseeable.

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