Unlock the power of post-launch success with SEO strategies tailored for Amazon sellers! Join us on the Amazon Legends Podcast as we dive into the world of listing optimization with renowned expert Eddie Wheeler, founder of Guava Listings. With a track record of optimizing over 300 listings for a leading Amazon Aggregator, Eddie is ready to spill his secrets on crafting emotionally compelling content that captures attention, engages your target audience, and seamlessly incorporates SEO keywords. Discover the winning formula to maximize your listing’s performance and propel your Amazon business to new heights. Tune in now and unleash your Amazon seller potential!

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  • PPC advertising on Amazon is more competitive than SEO. Consider focusing on SEO strategies to optimize your product listings.
  • Target high-volume search phrases in the later stages of SEO, but ensure relevance and buying intent to drive conversions.
  • Optimize your product listing with keywords in key sections like the title, bullets, and back-end search terms, as they have the most indexing power.
  • Use tools like Frankenstein to track keywords, generate long-tail keywords, and manage and optimize your listings effectively.
  • Include relevant Spanish keywords, misspellings, and individual words not present in the title or bullets in your backend search terms for better indexing.
  • Continuously evaluate and rerun your keyword selection process every three months to adapt to changing search trends and stay competitive

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‘Using countif in Google Sheets to assign the relevancy score’ reveals how many competitors are on page one. If you’re among the top ten for this highly relevant product, it’s a must-see opportunity.

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