The guest on today’s episode is Dan Meszaros. He is the founder of Skale Strategy, a seasoned e-commerce expert with a proven track record of helping brands explode their revenue channels. He specializes in mastering Amazon and other online marketplaces to bring explosive growth to his client’s businesses. Whether optimizing Amazon accounts or diversifying revenue channels, Dan and his team at Skale Strategy are committed to delivering exceptional results for their clients. In today’s episode, he discusses maximizing your Google AdWords traffic conversion.

  • There is a relatively good-sized subset of the American consumer that searches for products on Amazon through Google and their purchase intent is high. External traffic makes part of Amazon’s A 12 algorithm.
  • Using 2 stage URL method to rank for keywords on Amazon is listed as a black hat tactic under the rank manipulation policies.
  • Amazon sees the traffic from an affiliate differently than it sees traffic from a brand attribution.
  • When you do social media promotion through UGC it is crucial to drive traffic through an affiliate like instead of a brand attribution link. So this way it will not affect your conversion rate and your organic rank.
  • When choosing an influencer to promote your product most important factor to look at is their engagement rate.
  • Never have less than 45 to 50 days of inventory on Amazon fulfillment centers.

Quote of the Show:

I like to less at the number of an influencer’s followers but more at their engagement rate. I like to look for influencers with a good engagement rate. Those with a high number of followers tend to end up with followers that become lurkers. They like to watch the influencer from a distance rather than engage with what they recommend.

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