Today’s guest is an advertising executive turned entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging creative thinking to build businesses and ultimately help brands survive and thrive. She spent three decades in beauty industry and passionate about mentoring women to be entrepreneurs. She is the Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI.


  • It’s important to have a community of like-minded people who are similar to you, and that they’re trying to do a similar thing.
  • It always depends on the category, like for beauty, it’s really helpful to do live shows, because people want to see the products and the results.
  • Be pretty active on Amazon, do daily posts so that you can see the brand feed has very active.
  • Start with social media and content, and building that out and finding people who are influencers, or people that are just really great customers and creating some, user generated content, getting people to write reviews is really critical, because people then, they want to know the what their peers think they don’t want to just know what the brand thinks.
  • Email marketing is still incredibly effective in building customer.
  • It’s all about the power of this community and collective. Being able to because we’re all small, we’re all indie brands. It’s really hard on your own but when you have a group, that’s all kind of motivated by the same things, it just makes a world of difference.

Quote of the Show: 

  • “You can’t put your customer in a box and expect them to buy in only one way from you. You have to be flexible and go where they are.”


About the Guest: 

Lynn Power spent much of her 30 year career running and transforming agency brands. She then left the big agency world to launch MASAMI, a premium clean haircare brand which launched in February 2020.

She not only works hard to provide a vegan and cruelty free product to her customers, but she is able to do so on a bootstrapped budget.


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