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The ArgoMetrix Solution

The Seller Concierge Service (SCS) is a hands-on one-on-one consulting engagement that combines our knowledge with the proprietary analytics software platform. The SCS focuses on effectively addressing, or eliminating the major challenges of online retail by concentrating on an effective e-commerce strategy to ensure high return on investment:

  • Learn how to sell on Amazon, by methodically selecting high yield items and establishing dynamic pricing algorithms
  • Learn how to buy, by pursuing the right margins and applying trend-based replenishment algorithms
  • Build the technology infrastructure to manage and grow the online business volume / increase Amazon sales

We do this while delaying the need to manage customer service operations and the pick/pack/ship of individual orders, which require tedious processes and additional labor cost. SCS takes a pragmatic approach to jump-starting your sales, while it builds your channels for scale. The whole service is delivered for a fixed monthly fee.

We implement our winning e-commerce strategy in stages and each stage provides the means to establish the objectives outlined above:

Argometrix Solution

Stage 1: Become a Large Amazon FBA Business Seller (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Stage 2: Extend the model by adding Amazon FBM Sales (Fulfillment by Merchant)

Stage 3: Introduce the website as an additional channel with email marketing

Stage 4: Add additional online marketplaces to increase revenue

Every step progresses thru the following phases as we provide hands on management during each phase:

Phase 1: Launch Preparation

Phase 2: Revenue Generation and Process Development

Phase 3: Ramp up Planning

During all phases of the operations, our clients enjoy:​

  • Our support in establishing the processes and best practices required to monitor their Amazon Seller Ratings, which ensures continuity of growth and avoids Amazon suspension.
  • Full access to ArgoCenter, which contains proprietary algorithms and processes developed by ArgoMetrix, which facilitates key decision making for optimum management of the Amazon FBA Business Seller Account.

Typically, our clients experience:

  • Sales within 4 to 6 weeks of starting the program
  • Order volumes increasing at 10-30% per month over the first 6 months
  • A total oversight of their Seller Performance during our engagement.

The Seller Concierge Service combines the knowledge and the expertise with our proprietary technology and delivers a high performing online retail channel with Amazon Marketplace.

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book a strategy

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