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The SCS Roadmap

Amazon is a company that relies heavily on systems and processes. Their decision-making is data driven, results oriented and employs checks and balances. ArgoMetrix Seller Concierge Service follows a roadmap designed in a similar way, focused on increasing Amazon Sales. It consists of 3 main phases , each broken down by different tasks.

Here’s what we’re offering:

Phase 1: Launch/Relaunch Preparation (6-8 weeks) - Optimize Listings and Prep Work

Roadmap 1

  • Setting up the Amazon Seller Account (New accounts are set up by arranging an invitation from Amazon)
  • Creating an Amazon Brand Registry Account linked with the seller account and register trademarked brands
  • Training on Amazon Seller Central
  • Creating a merchandizing strategy for a viable revenue model
  • Identifying launch listings
  • Researching keyword and competition for listing content build-out
  • Assembling titles, bullets, and descriptions using the keyword research conducted
  • Oversight of product image and video creation
  • Completion of all elements of product listings
  • Designing launch and advertising strategy
  • Preparing launch and post-launch forecast for inventory planning
  • Creating FBA Shipments for launch and plan for post-launch FBA shipments
  • Selecting and setting up a Repricer Service for dynamic pricing (if needed)
  • Setting up the Chart of Accounts for financial reporting
  • Establishing the multi-location inventory management procedures
  • GO LIVE – Start selling on Amazon
  • Any other tasks required to launch the Seller Account

Phase 2: Revenue Generation and Process Development (6-9 months) - Grow Sales and Build Infrastructure.

  • Optimizing and scaling advertising campaigns for an optimum ACOS and ROI
  • Launching additional promotions
  • Scaling the catalog size by adding additional listings
  • Optimizing the existing product listings based on performance
  • Optimizing the pricing strategy and setting up repricing algorithms
  • Optimizing the algorithmic inventory replenishment procedures
  • Optimizing the shipment handling for inventory shipments to Amazon
  • Setting up the Accounting & Inventory Management Processes
  • Setting up the procedure for processing Amazon Settlement Reports
  • Setting up the procedure for handling Removal Orders
  • Setting up the KPIs and preparing financial reporting structure
  • Start creating the Operations Playbook using Company Wiki
  • Setting up the Feedback and Review Collection procedures
  • Any other tasks required to maximize revenue and optimize processes

Phase 3: Ramp up Planning (2-3 months) - Plan for Scaling Sales Exponentially.

  • Scale advertising and introduce external traffic sources
  • Analyzing historical Phase 2 sales performance
  • Building a sales forecast and a complete financial model for scaling revenues with inventory financing
  • Establishing the selling and replenishment strategies with SMART Goals
  • Introducing SKU Type based Projections
  • Creating Tiers for SKU Type
  • Creating the strategy for revenue generation per SKU Type using Profit Groups
  • Establishing the turn rates for each Profit Group
  • Any other tasks required for ramp up planning.

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book a strategy

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