Today’s guest is a successful entrepreneur with 2 Amazon exits, one was building a brand in Health & Beauty, the other was building a SaaS platform (SellerTools) for Amazon sellers, which led him to his current role at Carbon6 as a M&A advisor. He’s also an active mentor in the growing Amazon seller community on Facebook.


  • Embrace the chaos to a degree, and then find that path, that sequence reverse engineering based on your goals and objectives.
  • Achieve a variety of outcomes, if you start selling on Amazon and utilize FBA, create a spectrum more of a cash flowing business where maybe you’re running very lean, you’re being very cost efficient in your business.
  • You can level up and be focusing more on structure, strategy and growth.
  • It’s important to make sure that you bring online a reliable accountability system, a good project or task management tool that’s suitable for your team.
  • Try some asset management tool online as well, that makes sure that when you’re saving things, more active files, different assets, business or otherwise, you have a very clear place to save some of those resources.

Quote of the Show:

What is your North Start and how do you make the best decisions for the desired outcome? What levers are the most beneficial to achieve 80/20 success on a platform like Amazon?


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    Nick Uresin is the Founder and CEO of ArgoMetrix, a New York based software and consulting company established in 2013. Nick is an Entrepreneur, Electronics, Communications and Computer Science Engineer, who has a passion for problem solving with technology. Nick built an online retail company with annual revenues of over $10 million. He developed his vision to organize the knowledge and technology he developed to become a large Amazon Seller and provide it as a service to manufacturers and sellers of consumer products. Let's get social! Follow us and get ArgoMetrix's latest updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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