Establishing your brand is hard to do through channels like Google and Facebook, but Amazon offers an easier opportunity. Durk Price is a 3 decade veteran of ecommerce and digital marketing and the Founder & CEO of eAccountable. Durk reveals how to set your brand up for success on Amazon, what ROAS your should expect from your campaign, and whether you should start on Amazon or on your own website. 




  • So much of starting a direct-to-consumer brand online comes down to the brand. Many brands that struggle in other ecommerce channels have found great success when they began to sell on Amazon.
  • It is very time and cost-intensive to build a brand through Google or social media and even once you’ve made your investment, the traffic will not be very high quality. However, Amazon offers high-quality traffic to brands at a fraction of the cost.
  • High-quality traffic is traffic that converts at a high rate, which depends on your campaign’s lifetime. Early on it’s good to get a 1:1 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), while mature campaigns should have 3:1 or 4:1 ROAS. 
  • Starting a business on Amazon allows you to go to market faster than through other channels because you don’t have to worry about things like the ecommerce platform, shipping, customer service, etc.
  • When you’re starting your company, it’s better to start on Amazon, but if you do want to have a website, you should have that website point back to Amazon. This way you only need to track inventory for one channel while also getting the other perks of FBA.
  • When you drive external traffic to your Amazon listing or storefront, your listing will receive big benefits including an improved organic rating, lowered cost of paid traffic, and increased ROAS.
  • You need to update your product descriptions on an ongoing basis because not only do consumer trends shift, but the way consumers search for products changes along with how Amazon serves up results.


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  • “When you’ve got a Prime badge on everything, it’s a lot easier to sell” – Durk Price





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