There are so many smaller Amazon sellers out there that aren’t living up to the great potential they have. However, Ruben Alikhanyan, the founder of PAS Agency, is helping those sellers find success and build the value of their brand. You’ll learn all about what you need to have when creating an Amazon brand, how to properly use the Amazon Brand Registry, and what is holding your conversion rates back.


  • Having the right creative content in place when you are initially building a brand on Amazon strengthens the conversion which makes the growth much faster.
  • Some of the best categories for underperforming brands to find success in include kitchen appliances, kitchen, accessories, toys, and sports.
  • An Amazon brand’s story plays a valuable role in both selling to customers as well as the valuation that the brand would receive from aggregators.
  • If you aren’t looking at it strategically, you won’t find success on Amazon. Amazon wants sellers to create brands that will have longevity and will flourish.
  • If you have identified the right keywords and still have a low conversion rate, the problem lies within your Product Details Page (PDP). On the PDP, if your SEO is strong and it’s being indexed, look to your graphics as the cause of the low conversion rate.
  • Having a recent set of data from your Amazon brand is not enough. You need other, older sets of data to give you perspective on things like conversion rates, CTR, etc.
  • The main reason that conversion is so important is that it impacts your bottom line, your top line, and how the Amazon algorithm treats your listing.

Quote of the Show:

“There has to be planning, strategy behind what your logo is. Your logo is going to be an extension of your brand” – Ruben Alikhanyan


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