So many Amazon sellers face the problems that come from wholesalers and distributors trying to resell their products on Amazon. Jessica Beck is the Project & Inventory manager at Grandpa Beck Games and has dealt with these same issues. Jessica discusses her processes to set up the right agreements with distributors, contact unauthorized resellers, and how to protect your listing’s buy box.




  • When you begin selling through wholesale distributors, you need to make sure to control the market to avoid competing with them on Amazon thereby driving the price down. You need to work with your distributors from the start to avoid this situation. 
  • If your distributors don’t respect the agreement they have with you not to resell your products on Amazon, you need to stop distributing with them. 
  • If you find other sellers on Amazon that have your product listed in large quantities, contact them politely to find out where they received the stock from so you can cut off the source. At scale, you need to monitor your buy box!
  • If you know that unauthorized sellers are trying to sell counterfeits of your products on Amazon, file an IP infringement with Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon will almost immediately throw the seller out, so it can protect the consumer.
  • Amazon as a platform offers incredible opportunities to smaller companies to grow a brand and scale their market. 
  • While FBM offers greater control over your inventory, as your business grows, the cost savings and efficiency of FBA become more and more enticing. 
  • Because Amazon is so complex and frequently makes massive changes, for business owners, it’s often better to outsource things like Amazon PPC ads and listing creation to companies that are experts on the subject.


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  • “Fulfilling through Amazon for us has been a million percent worth it at the scale that we’re at now” – Jessica Beck





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