Start using product bundles to propel your average order value sky-high while also increasing your margins! Zalman Teldon is an Amazon expert and is letting everyone in on the nuances of product bundles and the early mistakes to avoid when creating bundles. You’ll learn about how to protect your buy box, maintain the value of your brand, and provide the right content to drive conversions.


  • Bundling products can help you succeed on Amazon as their fees rise. If your customers are ordering 2 units per order, you are charged for 2 Pick & Packs by Amazon. Whereas if they were sold as a bundle, Amazon would only charge for one Pick & Pack.
  • Bundling two of the same exact products in a 2-pack works better than bundling two products of different colors or two different products.
  • Consider using the virtual bundling feature on Amazon to test how your products sell as a bundle. Unfortunately, when using the virtual bundling system, Amazon still charges the Pick & Pack fee for each item.
  • When sending in bundled products to FBA, you need to use a separate ASIN and UPC to indicate the bundled products from the single products.
  • The content of your listings needs to evolve over time. Consumer preferences on the kind of content and what that content contains change with time. 
  • The goal of content is conversions. Images are now more important than your descriptions, but there are ways to blend the description into the images using things like infographics.
  • Address the concerns of the product upfront in your listing. This shows integrity, answers questions, and helps you avoid a massive amount of returns.

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  • “Part of your brand equity is how you appear on Amazon” – Zalman Teldon


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