The guest on today’s episode is Aaron Singer. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Legal Officer at BRANDED. Legal, operations, and people executive experience in designing and implementing strategic initiatives across all functions of the business. Expertise in taking companies public through IPO and SPAC transactions, corporate and finance transactions (including M&A, equity financing, debt financing, and turnarounds), organizational management (including the development of initiatives, goals, and performance indicators, HRIS, and training & development), corporate governance, risk management, litigation, QA, and regulatory matters. Proven track record in hybrid roles driving operational execution and creating and preserving value. Effective team leader, negotiator, and communicator. In today’s episode, he discusses building a high-value challenger brand.

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  • A challenger brand is a brand that has the potential to compete with established brands in the market. It is a brand that has a strong brand story and can potentially disrupt the market with its products or services.
  • When looking for a brand to acquire, the size of the brand is not as important as its staying power and potential for organic growth.
  • When acquiring a brand, it is crucial to conduct a quick but deep diligence process to get a sense of the business and consider standard analysis such as customer acquisition.
  • The initial phase of acquisition discussions focuses on determining if the brand fits the potential buyer’s business model and identifying any significant risks, followed by the sharing of term sheets and more in-depth due diligence before legal documents are shared and specifics of the deal are ironed out, with a letter of intent outlining the broader parameters of the deal.
  • A seller should have a vision and awareness about their brand, its challenges, and where they want to go.
  • The profit margins of a company vary depending on the stage of the brand’s life cycle and the number of supporters.
  • The 7% rule or the Mehrabian rule says that 7% of the message is carried in words, 38% in tone, and 55% in body language. Therefore, if a person is not seeing the person they are talking to, they can work backward from these percentages. An Amazon seller should keep in mind that video calls are essential for remote team communication to prevent misunderstandings and improve work culture.

Quote of the Show:

Challenger brands are brands that compete in spaces that are big areas such as household cleansers, vitamins, supplements, and personal care products that are seeking to compete with large brands that have a set way of doing things and may not be able to turn on a dime to changing perceptions or do product development at our speed. 


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