Today’s guest is a lifelong entrepreneur and e-commerce business owner who started his business in China. He is in kitchen eco-product based. He is the founder and host of The Seller Process, a weekly podcast that aims to empower Amazon sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs with the right systems and SOPs to accomplish more in their business with less time and effort.
  • Setting up your company in one of these tax havens, it might be an option for you. Tax havens are, for example, Hong Kong, Singapore, and even US it’s a tax haven for non-US residents.
  • If you’re not a US resident, you can set up the company usually in the place where you are residing.
  • Focused on efficiency and kind of achieving more with less building a team. Try to create systems, writing SOPs, and structuring the business in a way that would give me more time and make you able to scale it.
  • Basic keyword research done before we create the product on Amazon.
  •  Managed to optimize my listings and my brand in a way that it’s positioned as the premium brand in the niche.
  • Every Amazon seller should start to track the right metrics, to give you a very good understanding at one glance of the current situation of the business.

Quote of the Show:

  • Position Your Brand As a Premium Brand and Don’t Be Afraid to Raise Your Price to Command Higher Margins


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    Nick Uresin is the Founder and CEO of ArgoMetrix, a New York based software and consulting company established in 2013. Nick is an Entrepreneur, Electronics, Communications and Computer Science Engineer, who has a passion for problem solving with technology. Nick built an online retail company with annual revenues of over $10 million. He developed his vision to organize the knowledge and technology he developed to become a large Amazon Seller and provide it as a service to manufacturers and sellers of consumer products. Let's get social! Follow us and get ArgoMetrix's latest updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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