Today’s guest is a seasoned retail professional turned serial entrepreneur and inventor. Jeff Leitman is the Founder & CEO of Killer Concepts & Rocksteady Corp. Jeff shared how to create variations of the same parent product, how to use bundles to launch new products, and what changes to Amazon FBA mean for sellers looking to grow internationally.



  • By creating a landing page with multiple ASINs and then driving traffic to that site, you can increase your conversions and Amazon will reward your brands for bringing outside traffic to Amazon.
  • Create bundles of “child” SKUs of the same product under the same “parent” SKU to add variations to your Amazon listings. These bundles can be sold under a separate ASIN.
  • The products in your bundles need to be related in some way. You won’t drive sales by throwing together assortments of random products. You need to be intentional and methodical when you create your product bundles.
  • The reviews of a “parent” product will show up on the listing for the “child” SKUs under it. Because of this, it’s very helpful to introduce a brand-new product as part of a bundle because there will already be reviews attached to the SKU.
  • Selling on Amazon is complicated. It’s much more effective to find a partner that specializes in Amazon than it is to try to learn everything yourself and stay on top of all of the constant updates Amazon makes.
  • Amazon will be adding the ability for FBA sellers to fulfill orders from the US, Canada, and Mexico all from the same FBA center. This makes it easier for Amazon sellers to expand into those foreign markets without incurring separate shipping costs.
  • Two of the most important metrics to track and analyze are your page traffic and conversion rate. These inform you as to how effective your efforts are to drive traffic and then convert that traffic.

Quote of the Show:


  • “It’s better to do it the hard way. The hard way often pays off and there’s very few shortcuts” – Jeff Leitman


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