The guest on today’s episode is Jason Mastromatteo. He started his professional Amazon career in 2014 breaking into the Amazon scene selling by means of RA and private labeling. He eventually took his Amazon knowledge and started consulting for other businesses, distributors, and retailers. Jason’s experience and extensive seller central & vendor central knowledge have helped him consistently manage and grow sales through his team at MAG.  In today’s episode, he discusses methodologies for increasing conversion rates.

  • The search results on mobile and desktop are different. Mobile results are presented in a single column, so make sure your product images, titles, and relevant information are optimized for mobile display.
  • Avoid overwhelming customers with too many variations, especially if it’s a complex selection process. Out-of-stock variations can negatively impact the appearance and usability of your listing.
  • Implementing an “Image Theme” can help differentiate a product line and make it stand out in search results. This involves creating a consistent visual concept or element that carries through all the product images, representing the product line or company.
  • The title’s importance varies depending on the product and the intended audience. Some products may rely more on images, while others require specific details in the title to attract potential buyers.
  • Shorter titles have been shown to perform well in some cases compared to longer titles.
  • Amazon is introducing the concept of paid returns, starting with a nominal fee of $1. This may signal a shift towards increasing return fees in the future.
  • Avoid using dark colors over dark colors or using low-contrast combinations like dark black letters on a dark blue background. Choose colors that stand out and ensure readability and visibility.
  • Storyboard your images: Before approaching designers, storyboard your images to outline the sequence and content of each image. This helps in visualizing the final result and provides a clear direction to designers.

Quote of the Show:

Main image is more important on the search results page than on the product detail page. Equally, the title is not important on the search results page because most people do not read the title, but they look at the picture.

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