The guest on today’s episode is Faith Denniston. She is an Amazon expert with over 7 years of experience, an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, and an undeniable love of all things SEO and PPC! A Senior Brand Manager at My Amazon Guy, she helps sellers succeed and grow on Amazon’s platform and navigate all of its many challenges. When she’s not busy dominating Amazon’s ever-changing landscape, you can find her curled up with a good fiction book or hanging out with her trusty sidekick and feline familiar, Annabelle. In today’s episode, she discusses mastering SEO on your Amazon listings.

  • SEO is the foundation for your listing; you can’t index and drive traffic to your listing with PPC unless you have exact search terms in your listing.
  • Using the exact search term will impact your indexing, which impacts your searchability.
  • In order to perform effective keyword research, you should target keywords that receive at least 100 organic searches per month.
  • You should not put your competitor’s brand name on your content to get indexed for that search term, but if your listing sells well, Amazon will show your listing when someone searches for your competitor’s brand.
  • You can use the Alt Text section to add misspellings and Spanish keywords to your listing to get indexed.
  • When analyzing the search query performance report, if you find keywords with fewer impressions but more clicks and many “add to cart”, you can use those keywords to drive sales by increasing your Ad spend.

Quote of the Show:

SEO Phase 1 is looking at competitor listings, checking out keywords with minimum search volume, and going from there. Phase 2 is removing duplicates from the title, and bullet points and working on the backend terms, where we will be placing Spanish terms, misspellings, or something we would not necessarily want in the front end.

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