Today’s guest is a private-label guru and a law school graduate turned entrepreneur. Shaff Qureshi is the Founder of Sulazra Brands. Shaff shares his secrets to success with Amazon PPC ads, whether you should target long tail or short tail keywords, and how to construct your Product Display Page to convert.


  • You need to pay more upfront in your CPC costs, even if you might be losing money, in order to get customers in. this is especially important when your customers have a significant lifetime value. 
  • Once a customer buys your product, it will be in their house taking up space on their shelf and also staying top of mind. This is why your product has to be great along with your branding. 
  • The real value of running a short-term campaign that has very high CPC costs is that the order you generate from that campaign will improve your Best-Seller ranking (BSR) within Amazon and you will be able to dominate the organic traffic on those keywords.
  • While many people still use a strategy of pursuing many longtail keywords with low volume, it’s actually better to target a few short-tail keywords that are a good match for your product without caring about the high CPC. This will also improve your BSR.
  • When you go after short tail keywords, you will see a higher click-through rate (CTR) on your ad than you would see if your ad was targeting long tail keywords.
  • Amazon has launched many new tools under Brand Analytics that sellers can use to better plan and understand their Amazon PPC strategy. The new tools allow brands to see key metrics like accurate impression shares
  • Before you worry about advertising, you need to make sure you have a great product. When you identify a category that you want to sell in, look at multiple products and find two features that you could add to the product to make it the best in the category.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Clicks cost money, but impressions are free” – Shaff Qureshi


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  • Helium 10 – Keyword research tool
  • PickFu – Split test image research tool

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