The guest on today’s episode is Vincent Montero. He works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Helium10. He worked throughout his career in digital marketing as a consultant, salesperson, business development director, and marketing manager.

His Amazon Specialties:

– PPC Campaigns (including Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Product Targeting Ads and Product Display Ads)
– Competitive Keyword & ASIN Research (utilizing latest 3rd party tools)
– Product Listing Optimization (including back-end Keyword page)
– Promotions (including Coupons, Lightning Deals, Promo Codes, etc.)
– Brand Registry Consultation
– Enhanced Brand Content Creation & Consultation
– Storefront Creation & Consultation

In today’s episode, he discusses leveraging dayparting with helium 10 adtomic.

  • Optimizing companies using dayparting.
  • To make a decision about dayparting you need to collect data for at least 30 days.
  • Dayparting is not for good-performing campaigns, It is for bad-performing campaigns.
  • When you are running PPC your goal is not PPC sales, your goal is to increase the total sales.
  • All PPC is to make sure that your product is seen as many times as needed during the shopper’s consideration cycle.

Quote of the Show:

It is not just pause and unpause but also increase/decrease the budget, or even get a layer deeper and adjust the bids up and down during less than peak performance times.

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