Today’s guest is the President & Co-owner of All Volleyball, Inc., a family-owned business started by his dad nearly 27 years ago. Corey is also involved in various philanthropic initiatives, raising money for social causes on multiple occasions.


  •  A pricing strategy and assortment strategy and inventory strategy is really going to set us up for success.
  • Figured out ways to continue being a reseller on the platform and winning, it gets harder every day. And that’s part of a longer-term Amazon strategy that had that surrounded private label.
  • Tell brand owners forget about selling, building your listing, listing optimization, it’s gonna go that’s a whole different path that you have to go if you want to set up a private label sales operation, established the brand presence.
  • Make sure that you have a plan and have a vision for how you want that to work. Even if it means just you want to product, you’re trying to do a product market fit for a product, I think it’s just really, really important to have a set of clear expectations that you need to go in.
  • We were one of the very few sellers that concentrated on the volleyball category with access to those brands. And so when we started on the marketplaces, we were a reseller, but our competition was probably 90%, less of what it is now. So we were just taking advantage of greenspace that we saw, and we had access to the product.

Quote of the Show:

We are in this for the long haul and if we think we can figure out a true multi-channel both for our B2B market, a team, a club and our individual customers, it would a big opportunity for us. We are a small company and we take small steps.


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