Marshall Taplits is the owner of ShipItDone 3PL Warehouse in Pennsylvania and a co-founder of 3PL Max, a SaaS warehouse management system for 3PL’s. He is a highly qualified business and technical leader, with a passion for all things supply chain, economics and cryptocurrency. Marshall is an expert at systems integrations and sees that as a main competitive advantage in the 3PL space.


  • Try to find where to put the money in terms of the PPC. And I think if you look at 3PL in a similar way, it’s like, if you identify the products that a 3PL can put you in another class, by having, then it’s  not just a cost, it’s actually a revenue driver.
  • Figure out how to increase your skews and increase your value that you’re bringing to the customer.
  • Whoever is fulfilling the order, they have to pick the master item, and then log into Seller Central, and then pull down the customization info, and then customize accordingly and then ship it.
  • Make sure that your 3PL is able to handle these complexities and keep being accurate.
  • Look for operators that are running the warehouse where multiple customers can log in and have their own portals.
  • If you have an order management system or inventory management system, they usually come together, make sure you start looking in there integrations of the 3PL that they are integrated with.

Quote of the Show:

  • If you find a 3PL and consider them like a supplier, you should ask what value add they can bring to the table. That is what you are looking for in a 3PL as much as you can not just a warehouse that can move pallets in and out.


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