Our guest today is Bart Tashakor, E-commerce Manager at Art of Tea. He discusses how to maximize Pay Per Click campaigns with video advertisements and conversion rates using his excellent technical and business expertise, which has led to several successes in commercial and online marketing.


  • You need to know your product well to help you create good keywords for an effective campaign.
  • Slow buildup is the best way to do anything on Amazon, you need to get more information before you start making any decisions.
  • Visualize your data, this will help you improve your Video Ads.
  • Put yourself and your product on Google Alerts because you will get an e-mail when you get mentioned.
  • If you will make changes to your product, do it one at a time, that way it helps you track which changes contributed to the product conversion rate.
  • You need a lot of hard work, determination, and willingness to do a lot of research being conscious about what people want.
  • Know what you are selling or else your customers are not going to know what you are selling.
  • You need to delegate roles and hire a good a team who understands your product.

Quote of the Show:

”By bundling a non-converting product with a converting item, it became good enough to keep selling it. It also increased our profitability with our ad spend.”


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