Most people know about optimizing your title, bullets, and A-plus content to include keywords, but today’s guest knows how to find hidden keyword fields that can push your listing up the rankings. Nisan Bal is the Head of Amazon Advertising at Seller Interactive and has over a decade of experience in all aspects of E-commerce. Nisan shines a light on the challenges of selling on Amazon internationally, the additional ways to add important keywords to your listing, and how you need to track and use your KPIs from Amazon. 




  • Selling through Amazon in different international markets that happen to speak the same language is not as easy as copying and pasting the listing from one market to another. 
  • For example, a listing for cookies in the US would need very different keywords than if you were selling the same product in the UK. While both markets are predominantly English-speaking, there are many differences between each market’s dialect. 
  • Your backend search terms are extremely important for Amazon’s algorithm. While the customer will not see these terms, they are still indexed by Amazon and can make a big difference, even if you’ve already optimized the rest of your listing. 
  • To access your backend search terms, start in Seller Central, go to your inventory page, and select Edit Listing. There you will find one field for keywords that allows up to 250 characters per listing. 
  • When adding keywords, you don’t need to separate each term with commas, just a space is enough. For longtail keywords, you will need to hyphenate the terms. Mercifully, Amazon does not count those spaces against your 250-character limit. 
  • If you aren’t filling out the 50 characters of space that you have for alt text on each image in your A-plus content, you are missing out on valuable real estate that could be helping your search rankings. You can use a space to separate these keywords as well.
  • At a base level, you should be tracking your Amazon KPIs weekly and analyzing the trends in the data so that you can make informed decisions to grow your business. 


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  • “Analyzing that trend, that’s the most important thing. Just looking at it for the last 30 days, you can’t make any judgment there unless you know, “Okay, where was I 30 days before that?”” – Nisan Bal





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