Creating a new product to sell on Amazon can be as simple as solving a solution to a problem that you have that doesn’t already have a solution. Sean Halpin, the founder of Halpin Solutions, has created many products such as PowerSk8r, DiscTreever, and Putt Anywhere, which have found success on Amazon. Sean discusses his process for creating new products, what you need to know to get on the first page of Amazon, and how best to advertise your products.


  • When promoting your product and brand using ads on sites like Facebook and Google, you should link those ads to your Amazon listing instead of your website. This will lead to better sales and Amazon’s algorithm prefers products that bring in traffic to Amazon.
  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different advertising channels. If your targeting and messaging are specific enough, even print media like magazines can be highly effective.
  • If you are dealing with a problem and there are no solutions available when you search on Google, Bing, etc. you have the opportunity to create a product to solve that problem that other people are likely also facing. 
  • When naming a product, you need to be careful with the words that you use, as some may be trademarked and the trademark holder may threaten legal action. 
  • If you are considering manufacturing your products in China, you need to work with someone there who can actually walk through the factories and ensure the quality of your products. 
  • If your product is very heavy, it may make sense to fulfill the orders yourself, instead of using FBA. However, there are other risks you run by not using Amazon’s fulfillment that you have to weigh against the potential cost savings of FBM.
  • Before you can ever even dream that your product could make it to the first page of results on Amazon, you need to have lots of reviews of your products.  

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  • “Somehow I’ve been on my own payroll since 1995, and I’m motivated by fear of having to work for somebody else” – Sean Halpin


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