The guest on today’s episode is Brent Zahradnik. He is the founder of AMZ Pathfinder, an Amazon advertising management agency. He started the company in the summer of 2015 and it has since worked with hundreds of brands selling in the North American and European Amazon marketplaces. In today’s episode, he discusses building your customer avatar and driving conversions.

  • Optimization is like art and science; the art part is understanding and empathizing with people. And then the science part is the keywords and structured data and flat files.
  • The two sides of the same coin in controlling customer journeys appeal to the right people and exclude the wrong ones.
  • Amazon sellers should consider the overlap between their products and competitors’ products and what customers might want.
  • Utilizing the Q&A section can provide valuable information about product features and what customers care about.
  • Understanding the needs and desires of the audience makes it easier to write a listing or come up with photos that address their concerns.
  • Amazon’s guidelines and practices are backed by data, such as requiring white backgrounds for product images and pushing bullets down on mobile based on what converts better.

Quote of the Show:

We are quite interested in what the customer avatar is. This means we are looking to learn who the customers are, what their pain points are, and why they would be interested in our product, line of products, or our catalog. We want to understand that first. 


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