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Nick Uresin, President/CEO

Nick is an Entrepreneur, Computer Science Engineer and a Data Architect, who has a passion for problem solving with technology. He has spent the past 20 years in technology as e-commerce provider and online retailer following several years of managing conventional wholesale and retail companies. He has expertise in technology and big data solutions. Nick has co-founded Online Fragrance Retailer and built it to $10 million in sales, where he has developed the vision to organize the data and provide it as a service (Seller Concierge Service).

Previously, Nick founded Amazia, a top ranking e-commerce provider for small to mid-size retailers and List 2000, one of the Internet’s first multi-lingual directories prepared in seven languages. Nick also developed software applications for the shipping industry earlier in his career as well as holding directorship position in the London operations of Turkey’s largest conglomerates. His career included positions with London-based fashion manufacturing/import firms. Nick has a degree in Computer Science and Telecommunication from Istanbul Technical University, a leading technical university in his native Istanbul, Turkey


Sampath Kannan – Chief Technology Officer

Sampath is a technologist and entrepreneur, whose whole career has been focused on building technology to solve business problems. After graduating with an M.S. in Physics he took his first job in Software Engineering, moving through a variety of companies (including Bell and IBM) always increasing his knowledge, skills and seniority. Sampath works with business development, operations, client management, and project delivery teams across multiple enterprise level clients as needed.

Specializing in Software Product Development, e-business applications, BI solutions and software-as-a-service delivery, Sampath applies creativity, urgency and focus to the fulfillment of corporate goals. Capitalizing on over 20 years’ experience of software development service, Sampath delivers creative solutions crafted specifically to ArgoMetrix vision and to drive e-commerce success to clients. From project planning to architecture, design, development, testing and release management, Sampath’s responsibilities are to prioritize the continual delivery of innovative features while maintaining the reliability and performance of every solution.

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