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About ArgoMetrix

ArgoMetrix is the provider of Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP), which reports actionable intelligence for Amazon sellers. SIP not only provides key metrics, which are essential to be successful but also visualizes the data by using advanced embedded technology in the SIP Portal. Sellers can apply the suggested actions by SIP their operation and improve their performance.

ArgoMetrix also offers a one-on-on Amazon consulting service to a select number of sellers thru ArgoMetrix Seller Concierge Service, which combines consultancy and hands-on implementation of systems and/or processes.

The consultancy service utilizes the knowledge gained from the experience of building a large-scale online retail operation, understanding what the challenges are of starting an Amazon business, and how they change as the business grows.



The business used the actionable information created and deployed it through automated processes to make key business decisions. Revenues started to grow exponentially.

Our experience has taught us that an online business has many moving parts, all of which throw up challenges, which themselves change as the business scales. But our knowledge of systems, processes, and the key business drivers meant we were able to build a business that had the resilience and could continually scale.

Join us on this journey. Book a free consultation with our skilled consultants to make your operation a success.



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About the Founder

Nick is an Entrepreneur, Computer Science Engineer and a Data Architect, who has a passion for problem solving with technology. He has spent the past 20 years in technology as e-commerce provider and online retailer following several years of managing conventional wholesale and retail companies. He has expertise in technology and big data solutions. Nick has co-founded Online Fragrance Retailer and built it to $10 million in sales, where he has developed the vision to organize the data and provide it as a service (Seller Concierge Service).

Previously, Nick founded Amazia, a top ranking e-commerce provider for small to mid-size retailers and List 2000, one of the Internet’s first multi-lingual directories prepared in seven languages. Nick also developed software applications for the shipping industry earlier in his career as well as holding directorship position in the London operations of Turkey’s largest conglomerates. His career included positions with London-based fashion manufacturing/import firms. Nick has a degree in Computer Science and Telecommunication from Istanbul Technical University, a leading technical university in his native Istanbul, Turkey


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