The guest on today’s episode is Eric Castellano. He has 10 years of experience building and operating one of the largest third-party Amazon companies in the world. Eric is also the CEO of AmazonLit, a consulting agency where he helps existing and new Amazon sellers scale their businesses to grow revenue and profits to gain financial freedom. Eric started this business because there was a lack of authenticity in the Amazon consulting space. He and his business partner Sebastian created EsellersRI, a training and mentoring program. They leverage their own experiences and current knowledge of the Amazon marketplace to help expedite the growth of over 800 Amazon businesses within the program. In today’s episode, he discusses Brand Exclusive Relationships a profitable alternative selling model.

  • Brand-exclusive relationships require a contract that outlines the seller’s responsibilities, including creating listings, running PPC campaigns, maintaining the brand registry, and fulfilling sales orders.
  • The connection between Brand Registry and Seller Central is crucial for an Amazon seller. The email address used for the Brand Registry account should be the same as the email address associated with the Seller Central primary account. This ensures that the seller has full control and can edit listings and take necessary actions, such as removing sellers who are selling inauthentic products, through Brand Registry support.
  • Comparing average order value (AOV) and average item value (AIV) to analyze customer purchasing behavior and identify opportunities and offering coupons or incentives can increase your profits.
  • B2B (business-to-business) sales can be a significant portion of your revenue. Enroll in Amazon’s B2B program by searching for “business to business” in Seller Central. B2B orders tend to have larger volumes and lower return rates.

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One of the important components of brand relationships is explaining to the brand the importance of controlling your supply chain. It avoids getting the product in the wrong heads.

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