The guest on today’s episode is Louis Roubert. He is the PPC Manager at Thrasio which is one of the largest aggregators in the world. Formerly, he also co-owned a company in the eyewear industry.  He has a  Master’s degree in International Trade Management and Purchasing.  In today’s episode, he discusses strategies to build a private label from the ground up.
  • Do not run too many campaigns.
  • You have to have keyword research.
  • Use long tail keywords for a cheaper cost.
  • First, you have to spend more money on advertising.
  • When you have enough data from your campaigns select the most profitable ones and archive the rest.
  • When you do advertising keep in mind the main goal is to improve your organic ranking.
  • Knowledge is like printing something on paper that deteriorates in value the moment it is acquired.

Quote of the Show:

My recommendation is to take the long tail keywords as exact match. This will not only be cheaper but it will also have your sales velocity going at lower ACOS. 

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