The guest on today’s episode is John Esborn. He is the Head of International Transportation at Perch. He has over 40 years of diverse experience in the supply chain industry. Heading up the ocean and air freight organizations, trade compliance, custom brokerage, hub operations, warehousing and fulfillment operations, and final mile delivery. His efforts have particularly focused on start-ups and new ventures. He gives back to the industry as a board member of where he also founded and chairs the international transportation committee and mentors members of the CONECT Young Professionals. In today’s episode, he discusses everything you wanted to know about transportation and thought was confusing.


  • Two main fundamentals of incoterms are FOB and CNF.
  • Customs entry cost ranges from 90 dollars to 130 dollars.
  • Need to find a good customs broker who knows the lows and helps you with the low requirements.
  • Your customs broker is key to your success in business.
  • You need to find your customs broker early on and do spend some time on interviews before hiring.

Quote of the Show:

You marry your customs broker and you divorce your freight forwarder.


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