Build Your Seller Operation on Amazon for Success

We work with manufacturers and sellers of private label products to re-invent their revenue model. Our flagship offering, Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP) provides actionable intelligence on seller listings and performance.

In addition, ArgoMetrix offers the Seller Concierge Service (SCS) to sellers as a turnkey consulting service that makes our clients power sellers on Amazon. SCS is delivered through one-on-one sessions.

Unlike the e-commerce service providers, who burden the seller to learn how to become a seller and use their tools, ArgoMetrix has a hands-on engagement that combines knowledge with proprietary technology.

Stop Wasting Time & Money Trying to Grow Website Sales

  • Optimized listings with a high conversion rate
  • A steady and growing number of daily orders
  • Profitable ROI on paid advertising campaigns
  • Manage your replenishment according to trends thru automation.
  • Financial reporting of your operation with key performance metrics
  • Stay on top of policy changes and best practices.

ArgoMetrix Roadmap

  • Phase 1 – Launch/Relaunch (~ 6-8 weeks): Optimize listings and prep work.
  • Phase 2 – Revenue Generation (~ 6-9 months): Grow sales and build infrastructure.
  • Phase 3 – Ramp up Planning (~ 2-3 months): Plan for scaling sales exponentially.

We jump-start your sales while increasing your orders on daily basis. SCS takes a holistic approach to manage your account and make you a top seller on the Amazon Marketplace.

Let us help you become a top seller!

Check Our Case Studies

The best lessons are learned through experience and ArgoMetrix Case Study Library offers you insights and practical solutions from a wide variety of companies and industries.

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