Seller Concierge Service

Our flagship offering, the Seller Concierge Service (SCS) delivers a turnkey service package that makes our clients large Amazon Sellers.

Unlike the e-commerce service providers, who put the burden on the seller, ArgoMetrix has a hands-on one-on-one consulting engagement that combines our knowledge with the proprietary analytics software platform.

Online retail is process driven, with lots of moving parts, and the requirements are continually evolving. To do it successfully requires a focused approach, which even the biggest and most technologically sophisticated companies find challenging. So how can smaller businesses find a route to success?

Online Retail Challenge

The business world is changing rapidly. The internet is disrupting commerce, without regard for sector or geography. As a result, businesses that sell packaged consumer products must now have a direct B2C channel using the internet.

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The ArgoMetrix Solution

The Seller Concierge Service (SCS) focuses on effectively addressing, or eliminating the major challenges of online retail by concentrating on a solid, business-oriented e-commerce strategy to ensure high return on investment

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The SCS Roadmap

Amazon is a company that relies heavily on systems and processes. Their decision-making is data driven, results oriented and employs checks and balances. ArgoMetrix Seller Concierge Service follows a roadmap designed to match Amazon’s expectations and deliver swift results.

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The SCS Process

The ArgoMetrix Seller Concierge Service follows a process that employs best practices to start a data driven operation following the principles of our proprietary methodology.

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Case Studies

So how do you sell on Amazon successfully? Read in depth examinations of customer engagements and successes.

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Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP)

Improve listing content, increase conversion, maximize ROI on ad spend, identify the best listing price, and more...

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Service Advantage

Unlike e-commerce service providers, who put the burden on the seller, we have a hands-on engagement that combines knowledge and technology. Talk to an e-commerce consultant today and learn all the ways you can start selling on Amazon successfully.

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